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- d o i t m u s i c -

- Credits -

Music, Lyrics, Singing, Instruments, Audio Production & Mixing :

Vasilis Nikolopoulos doitmusic*
*- doitmusic is the artist name of Vasilis Nikolopoulos -

Musicians :

Drums : Dimitris Antoniadis.
Bass : Aris Avgerinos.
Bass : Mampre Kasardjian (Song "Love for the Summer").
Acoustic Guitar : Iraklis Kontos (Song "Live Your Life).
Electric Guitar : Christos Michalis (Song "Live Your Life"- Solo 1.54"),
Kostas Karzas (Instrumental Track "Jungle Euphoria" El.Gtr Riff),
Giannis Paxevanis ("Blank" intro).
Outi , Baglamas : Christos Nikolopoulos (Instrumental Track "Jungle Euphoria").
Violin : George Xatzis (Instrumental Track "Jungle Euphoria").
Electric , Acoustic, Classical Guitar, Piano, Keys, Perc, Tzouras, Vocals, Backing Vocals : Vasilis Nikolopoulos doitmusic.

Vocals, Backing Vocals :

Alcmene (Song "Live Your Life").
Janet Onyenucheya (Song "Blank").
Maria Spyropoulou (Song "Break Out").

Sound Engineering :

Sound Recording : George Katsianos (Gats).

Recording and Mixing :

Audio/Midi Production, Orchestration,
Analog-Digital Sound & Effects Production Techniques,
Recording, Mixing
: Vasilis Nikolopoulos doitmusic.

Recording And Mixing Studio :

Studio 'N', Athens - Greece.

Music Label :
To Rima © 2019 All rights reserved

Mastering :
Chris Papatheodorou – Railway Studios

Behind the Creations :
Special Thanks to
Dimitris ( GodRummer ), Elias (Futurist) , George (Gats – Sendos), Nantia (NadArt – N.N), Natalie (NatQeen), Faye Fate (Lyric Advisor) and my Family , for their Faith and Love !!!